Farmville Crops Table and Calculator

If you want to know which farmville crops to grow based on your current farmville level, check out our Farmville crops table.

If you want to know when your farmville crops will be ready to harvest check out ourĀ  Farmville Crop Harvest Calculator


Welcome Farmville Tips and Ideas

This site provides tips on the FaceBook game FarmVille. Farmville is a great facebook game you can play with your facebook friends. This is not really a cheat guide or walkthrough so much as it is a guide with tips to do the right things in farmville.

In the facebook game Farmville, you start out as a farmer with a small plot of land and a few crops and a few types of seeds to choose from. As you play farmville on facebook, you gain experience points which will up your level. With each level up you have more seed types, animals, buildings, and decorations to choose from.

If you’re fixin to play farmville you will want to read this before you start so that you get off on the right foot. Make sure you look at our oops page before you start playing.

For more tips and ideas visit our Farmville Tips and Ideas web site.

Happy Farming!