Farmville Crops

Which Farmville crops should I grow?
  The farmville crop you grow in depends on when you are going to be at you computer. If you grow a crop that is ready in 4 hours but you do not come back to play farmville for 8 hours, you will find a field of withered crops that is worth nothing when you return. Farmville crops seem to wither in about the same time as they ripen.
Coins and Cash
  Early on you should plant strawberries, strawberries, and strawberries. They will give you the most coins/hr for any of the early farmville crops. You will also gain experience points each time you harvest and plow for the next crop.
Raspberries will get XP even though there is no XP for planting
  Raspberries are a deceiving farmville crop. When you look in the market it says 0 XP however you can make both coins and XP fast in farmville with raspberries. While you don’t get experience points for planting raspberries, if you keep planting them you do get XP because you can plow every 2 hours (you get 1XP per plow) so in eight hours you will get 4 experience points per plot. Here is an example over eight hours
Crop XP Plant XP Plow XP Total Coins
Raspberries 0 1 4 44
Pumpkins 1 1 2 23
Keep in mind, if you are not going to be in front of your computer every two hours you should pick an 8 hr, 12 hr, 1 day or more crop.


Find out more on our Farmville Crops Page

Happy Farming!


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