Six Flags Fright Fest is Fun

Looking for discounts to Six Flags Great Fright Fest? There are many ways to get discount tickets to amusements parks including special events like Six Flags Fright Fest. We will be constantly scouting for these discounts and posting them here.

It is always a good idea to purchase Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest tickets before you go to the park. Often beverage vendors offer discounts with their product containers or labels. Chain restaurants like subway often have theme park tickets at a discount.

So if you are looking for theme park deals you have come to the right place. Whether you want to go for a day of for a week it is always a good idea to plan ahead. Look for Six Flags Great Adventure discounts on line. Check you local paper for Six Flags Great Adventure coupons.

Check out this link for more information on Six Flags Fright Fest Coupons.  There is some good information on where to get coupons and what the best time to go is.


Updated Farmville Crops Table!

I finally had some time to update the popular Farmville Crops Table.  I never new this thing would be so popular.  People have been telling me it is the best farmville crop table on the web because it lets you sort by profit or XP and filter on your level.

Here is a link to the updated Farmville Crop Table

I created it for myself and find myself using it quite often.  I had been away from FarmVille for a while and a lot has changed so check back often to see what is new.  I am working on a similar page for the greenhouse and will let you kow when that is ready.

Please let me know if I messed anything.  I was pretty maticulous but you never know.

Happy farming!

Joe The Farmer


Farmville Co-Op Calculator

I created a co-op calculator to help decide which job to “join” It lets you see how much time is left to get the gold, silver, bronze.

I created this because a few times I joined jobs and then I realized they were too far along without enough harvested or even seeded to get the gold or silver. A few times the failed.

I was up late coding this and it tested my javascript skills. Let me know what you think. Any ideas for improvement are welcome.

Farmville Co-Op Tips

The new farmville co-op system allows formers to work together with their neighbors. It is all about completing tasks as quickly as possible. First the folks in farmville will ask for help in completing farming jobs. You can post a message on your wall to recruit neighbors to help get the job done. You need to grow enough crops before the time expires. The faster you finish, the bigger your ultimate reward.

For a complete guide to farmville co-op jobs please visit the Farmville Ideas web site

The Co-Op function will also include its own set of Ribbon rewards to earn. Additionally you will be able to earn Gold, Silver, or Bronze statuses.

Farmville Pot of Gold

Well St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner and the folks a Zynga have brought the luck of the Irish to us with the Pot of Gold feature.

Gold is available for free as a giftable item, and can be traded in for exclusive St. Patrick’s Day themed gifts. You’ll be able to send gold to your friends who will add it to their pot and vice versa. If you can’t wait, you can purchase a Gold Chunk for 5 FarmVille Cash, which will increase your pot by 5 pieces of gold.

Much like the Valentine’s Day event from February, the goal is to fill up your pot (which you can find in your gift box) by collecting gold pieces from friends. Once you have a certain number of pieces, you can redeem them for special limited edition items.


Bon Apetite!

Farmville Collectables and Collections

Farmville Collections

Zynga has release a new feature to their facebook game farmville. Collectables.

How does collecting work?

“You can now collect items by doing various tasks around your farm to earn special rewards!
At level 10 you will receive a pop-up stating that you are now able to find collectible items. The collections menu is located as an extension of the Ribbon/Achievements menu.The collections menu features four different sets of collection items. You have a random chance to find these items via specific routine activities (plowing, harvesting from trees and animals, fertilizing, and some can be gifted).

When an item is found in game, a message appears above the Neighbor Bar alerting you to the item that was found, what set it belongs to, and how many more items you need to complete the set.

As items are collected during the game, they are gathered in the collections menu. When Uncommon or Rare items are found, you are given the opportunity to post a feed to your wall that will allow 5 of your friends to get the same item.

When at least one of each of the items in a set is collect, you can Trade In that collection for a reward:
* 250XP
* 5,000 Coins
* Or 5 Tanks of Fuel

You will able to hold a maximum of 10 of each collectible item, and can Trade In collections as many times as you have a full collection available (the number of each item in a set decreases by one each time the collection is traded in).

Following the reward, you’re able post a feed alerting your neighbors of your achievement. Any friend that clicks on this feed within 24 hours will receive a random collectible from the same set that was completed.

Gifting Collectables can be done via the Free Gifts page, where a single collections item will appear in the first slot of free items. The gift that is available is changed after a period of two days.”

Here are the farmville collections

Gardening Tools Farmville Collection

Common Items: Gloves, Trowel, Cultivator
Uncommon Items: Twine, Pruning Saw
Rare Item: Shears

Country Kitsch Farmville Collection

Common Items: Needlepoint, Spigot, Pocketwatch
Uncommon Items: Salt Shaker, Thimble
Rare Item: Cow Bell

Bugs Farmville Collection
Common Items: Ladybug, Dragonfly, Caterpillar
Uncommon Items: Stick Bug, Beetle
Rare Item: Centipede

See more tips and ideas on our farmvile web site

Best Version of Farmville “Box Me In” Trick

This is the best version of the box me in trick yet. Here is how to set it up.

  1. When you come to you farm you farmer is always in the same spot. If you r farmer is not in that spot, leave by visiting someone and come back.
  2. Clear the space where your farmer is standing.
  3. Place hay bales around you farmer

 Now when ever you come to your farm your farmer will already be boxed in! This also works for your neighbors that are visiting to help on your farm. They will arrive boxed in and can fertilize very quickly!

Boxed in Farmveille Farmer

Box Me In Trick

For more information on the Farmville “Box Me In” trick see the page on our main web site.

There are many other tips and tricks on that site.

Happy Farming!

Joe the Farmer